Muscle Gaining Secrets Review – All substances that enter the body

All substances that enter the body, they are in the digestive tract and bloodstream inspected immune fighters. During the inspection there may be only three immune reactions: reaction friendly, neutral acceptable substances or behaviors, in which the enemy is quickly discarded.

To determine whether a foreign substance, armed nature immune system chemical symbols, which are called antigens Located on the surface of all cells Muscle Gaining Secrets.

Every form of life from the simplest viruses to humans has a unique antigen, which can be compared to such as fingerprints. When the organism appears hostile antigen, the immune system starts to produce antibodies immediately at his disposal.

These substances bind to the antigen enemy and it forms a sticky (agglutinate it). He then stick together with other hostile substances, creating a harmless cluster to which the organism very quickly clear and exclude it from the body.

The immune system behaves similarly as well as food. Food enters the blood after digestion Muscle Gaining Download.

Each food has specific type pectin. Lections are diverse proteins, which are also sticky (agglutination) function, which partially affects our blood When we consume foods incompatible with our blood group antigen, unsafe food lections that can invade various organs (kidney, liver, brain, stomach, etc.) and begin to agglutinate cells in this area.

This process has a magnetic effect on other cells of the body in the field.

Own cells to become targets of destruction of the immune system as if they were foreign invaders this can cause irritation or minor irritation serious trouble from the gut, liver to cancer. Read More : Muscle Gaining Treatment


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