Xtreme Fat Loss Diet + Regular training

Karma is simply somewhere jam at 5-6 intervals and repeated it several weeks. I’m not saying that it had a negative effect, but could be a little better result.

The gym had no choice
When I had no eyes, I can hardly judge what he looked like his IT. In Popsicle but it was different. First, we started power part – something the style Primary Gain first phase Xtreme Fat Loss Diet.

Here I had eased off a series of pauses, but the number of repetitions was 5-for you. It took about 20 minutes.

Then we went to the fitness area, which consisted of strengthening exercises on style ring training. Always had 3-4 exercises without pause, where you can say was driving the blood? Within 10 minutes, it was enough.

Because in the gym, where we went, had a punching bag in the end we had drills and punches in boxing bag. Initially learned blows into space and honed technique.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, boxed into the bag. Times varied from 20 to 90 sec, but did not work more than 5-7 minutes.

Each training course started heating, stretching and elongating the final and we ended up health.proconview.

And what results?
Here you go. Introductory For two months gained 2.4 kg muscle and burn fat decent 4.9 kg.

While it could be even better, if a little improved diet and followed the breakdown for IT. Even so, it’s great result and I am satisfied with its performance.


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