Truth About Cellulite – The clinical picture of cellulite

Changes begin in the skin, but are most evident in the dermis and concern vessels and dermis matrix (called glucose minor glycols, known for its ability to bind water and these are magnified and cause clinically evident swelling).

The so-called Cellulite affects typical places of the body: the buttocks, hips, thighs, much less frequently, although it can be on top of the fuselage. Clinically takes place in four stages Truth About Cellulite

Stage I characterized by swelling of subcutaneous tissue and incipient changes in blood vessels. This is reflected in the loss of skin elasticity, which looks swollen and has a pasty consistency

Stage in the subcutaneous tissue arise micro no duly, nodules formed lobes of fat cells is about 120 to 150 microns in diameter, at the same time begins to stiffen connective tissue in the Cellulite Scam

Clinically, the present picture of orange peel, which is given by the mouths of highlighted hair bulb, the changes are particularly noticeable when viewed from the side.

May be presenting already painful to the touch
Stage of the formation macro Joey Atlas Cellulite Treatment nodes adipose tissue bounded fibrous shells; these nodes have an average of 5-20 mm.

Clinically, the skin looks like a mattress. Patients tend to have a feeling of tightness, heaviness, pain when touched, but also spontaneous.

We know that the creation of the so-called cellulite applies to a number of factors, some of which we can influence, and thus the creation of this cosmetically unfavorable condition prevented.


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