Acne No More – What Causes Treacherous Hyperacidity That Causes Acne?

First Of All, Inappropriate Diet Composition
When inflamed, it may be that the things that had previously suffered atomic well in the resting phase may irritate the skin. The difference is mainly consistency oiling.

In the acute stage, it is appropriate to use less fatty, cooling gels and milk as a complementary treatment to medication, while in the chronic phase of giving rather thick and greasy ointments Acne No More Natural 

It should be emphasized that if the breaks and atomic disease is in the acute phase, it is appropriate to increase the frequency of lubrication.

The resting phase is sufficient to lubricate once daily in the evening, in the acute phase is a good salve as often as possible.  Acne Treatment Oiling is not to be applied in a thick layer, just a thin layer to ensure sufficient smoothness of skin.

Hyperacidity Of The Organism
One of the causes and worsening of atomic acne is often very poor diet and the associated acidification of the body.
Maintain the proper pH of the body, and thus the skin, especially for people suffering from this disease is very important.

Optimum pH it guarantees the correct functioning of the skin, including the immune system and skin barrier.

If for any reason the pH deviates from the balance in the skin are activated enzymes involved in increased skin scale, aggravated itching acne and thus itself.
Such pH thus affects the skin’s ability to function as a barrier and the skin is then irritable and responsive to inflammation.


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