Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle – Practical Experience For Muscle Building

Only for orientation, one kilogram is one thousand grams (g), one gram has a thousand milligrams (mg), one has a thousand microgram milligram (mg or mcg), one microgram has a thousand monograms (nag).

Practical experience effective daily dose is 20-30 nag one thousand (or 20-30 mg) of the total number of growth factors.

This amount works well in older persons over 50 years of age. It is convenient to observe the Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle of around 1.25 g per 1 kg of body weight, in the most prevalent form of the product with a balanced representation of essential amino acids.

This example can be further supplemented BCAA (normal dose is up to tens of grams), glutamine and creative, HMB, Private, klystron, vitamins and zinc Burn The Fat Feed

Under these conditions, the normal increase (net) muscle mass 1-2 kg per month with a corresponding increase in power, a common phenomenon is the reduction of subcutaneous fat.

Higher doses of proteins, e.g., above 1.5 g to 1 kg per day, particularly if they are not balanced essential amino acids can be rather slight negative The Fat Feed The  Effect.

Unlike anabolic steroids and other prohibited substances are growth factors health risks minimal, even when receiving higher daily doses than 20-30 nag one thousand.

Colostrums is designed primarily for nutrition immediately after birth, growth factors other tissues are Burn The Fat Feed Naturally present in the human organism.

Do not undergo modifications such as the semi synthetic production of pure isolated growth factors, which may result in the formation of by-risk products.


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