Jump Manual – The second jump in Latin

Because the call stabilized form and was very good. I’ve never been on the podium Cup FIS.
Although I jumped just two races, so I ended up at 10 overall. I expect this result and start training hard up to the Continental Cup in winter.

Jump Manual Exercise “I am very motivated to continue learning.” young Czech was blood on the FIS Cup thanks to Philip Seakale much to see. Thirty positions at the same time made it to the position of second best of America.

In the villas, was probably the toughest race of the season and still did not jump at the same level, Schaffer, http://health.proconview.com/ Mandy, etc. I think my eleventh place mainly due to the conditions of happiness, in the second half of the race course, has no head wind and a lot of people do not.

Mainly also helped that there was a second round, “estimates plant Villas sympathetic American Bridge.
Philip Seakale (Author: Simon hot) Finally Philip positively adds: “During the summer season, I got up and as I was driving Wile very well deserved points.

Wile Musket I like, and I missed right over the weekend. In the second race on my training bike managed to jump 125 meters, and I consider it a success, in any case, I take the weekend as a good experience and I’m very motivated to continue their education.

Thousands of Calais with peas winter ┼átursa focus more on the thirty-fourth place in the overall standings are pea Tulsa, but, as he says, because he is a key element for the winter, “Every race I went in the summer, only the preparation and quality of winter training for racing, so it has anyway.